“Sheng Long” 6F entire computer sock knitting machine invites throughout the land the outstanding person to ally Along with the user to this enterprise product demand's increase,

the present marketing channel has not been able effective to complete the supplies. Can in the timely arrival user hand and completes a more perfect pre-sale post-sale service for the product, especially to throughout the land the honest move of dealer, and provides the price which and the product publicity material most gives preferential benefit and the mounting technique.

you must have condition:

1, has the fixed business place;

2, has the fixed sales network and the marketing team;

3, has the good social interpersonal relationship and the commercial standing;

4, has certain investment undertaking fund;

5, has the legal personality Management unit or has the certainly economic capacity natural person;

6, has certain commercial experience and the managerial experience;

7, has to the healthy industrial development enthusiasm;

8, has the long-term cooperation intention and the good commercial standing;

9, has the good business circle interpersonal relationship.

* alliance flow

1. customer consultation alliance related matters concerned, thorough understanding company product and management idea. the

2. like customer already has to the product and the sale on commission matters concerned quite understood that may arrive at the company to demand dealer individual or the enterprise sells on commission the request form, together with the related application material, including the business license transcription copy, the company said that the market expansion plan, the written application and the legal person (or individual) the detailed identification document facsimile to is popular the positive electromechanical device Limited company.

3 .theZhejiang new prosperous dragon machinery Limited company carries on the verification to the above material, if conforms to the company to ally the condition, provides the dealer after the customer to act agreement both sides to consult the confirmation signs.

4. thecustomer fully pays the reserve fund according to the contract or handles the first batch inventory, namely becomes the company to act the dealer officially.

5. the dealer accepts the comprehensive product which, the technology and market training the company provides.

6. dealer according to request coordination work place and office equipment, enough staff.